You can find almost every descendant of GSDs. You can also find all detailed information of GSDs’ descent from parent, grandparent to Horand von Grafrath. Every bloodline is marked with a color code, so you can clearly distinguish each dog's bloodline.
Firstly, you need to choose one male dog and one female dog from the database, and submit your choice. Then, you will get the two dogs’ Pedigree of future generations and the Line breeding of 5 generations.
Register your GSD to, you can find the siblings with your GSD, the Pedigree, and the Line breeding information. You can also choose a good mating target for your GSD through the mating check function. Professional Account Professional
  Progeny Report for 1st to 2nd generations
  Sibling Report
  Mating Report
  3, 4 generation Pedigree Chart
  Bloodline Tree
  Line Breeding
  Breed Show Results and Statistics
  Working Show Results and Statistics
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